"IF you look at the entire RF frequency up to 100 Ghz, and take a snapshot at any given time, you'll see that only five to ten percent of it is being used. So there's 90 Ghz of available bandwidth." -- Ed Thomas, Former Chief Engr., FCC


The radio spectrum, as regulated by the FCC, is divided into channels which are licensed by individuals, corporations and municipalities as primary users. Most of these channels actively transmit only a small fraction of the time. This is an inefficient use of the available spectrum. Adapt4 has developed its SRT (Spectral Reuse Transceiver) technology to facilitate an efficient and non-interfering method of using otherwise idle radio spectrum while operating within existing FCC rules.

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XG1 - commercial cognitive radio (smart radio)

The XG1™ cognitive radio uses Adapt4's SRT Technology. There's a full line of products to get you started.

The XG1 commercial cognitive radio can be used in many applications

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Adapt4’s XG1 receives certification as World's First Commercial Cognitive Radio

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